Painting by Michael Reedy

Anatomy Series

Imagine you’re going to learn how a car works.  First we need to identify what the parts look like, where they go and a little bit about what they’re for.  Anatomy is kind of like that.  We learn all about the systems, separately, to try to make sense of them. (The bones, skin, muscles, immune system, etc.)

Physiology Series

Now imagine you know what all the parts of the car look like, where they go and have a vague idea of what they’re for.  Now it’s time to learn how all these parts actually work!  That’s physiology.  And often times, many of the systems that you learned in Anatomy separately overlap because they all work together.

Pharmacology Series

Pharmacology is all about how our physiology is altered when we are exposed to chemicals.  So it would help to have a good foundation of Anatomy and Physiology at this point.

Hopefully in the future I will add a Pathophysiology series.  Hope this helps all you nursing/premed students!

Basic Biology Mini-Series (added April 2013!)

Microbiology Mini-Series (added April 2013!)