World’s Lightest Road Bike at 2.7kg

world's lightest road bicycle (15)
This road bike weighs in at 6lbs (2.7kg): Lighter than the laptop you’re probably using right now.

The bike you’re about to see was an idea originally started and created in 2008 by a German guy named Gunter Mai who logged over 20,000km on the machine for a couple years and it weighed at around 3.2kg.  Early in 2011 he parted out the bike and sold each piece individually around the world.  Some of the key parts were bought by some guy in Colorado who commissioned Jason Woznick of Fairwheel Bikes in Tucson, Arizona to create even lighter parts to finish a new build of it.

Every part on the bike is completely custom made and cannot be bought unless you wanted it made specially for you.  Even if you did want it made for you, you would have to contact manufacturers who already make the lightest parts and then ask them to make a custom piece for you that is even lighter.  Woznick guessed that if you tried to recreate the effort put into this bicycle, it would cost you at least $45,000.

As a result, this new machine weighs in at 2.7kg or just about 6.0lbs.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to hold such a large item that weighs two pounds lighter than a gallon of milk, but it must feel like nothing!  Even the carbon fiber used in the wheels isn’t readily available (even if you have the cash for it) as it’s a special grade that was gotten from some Formula One guys.

As a result of some of the custom work, this has allowed manufacturers to push their limits.  Both of the prototype Dash hubs will actually be going into mass production this year, for example.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures as there isn’t quite a bike as exotic as this in all its minimal glory.

Credit for photos and info: Nick Salazar from

world's lightest road bicycle (1)
This custom frame by Spin used a freaky style of carbon that’s never seen before.
world's lightest road bicycle (2)
The saddle and seat-post are one bonded carbon unit that weighs less than 80g.
world's lightest road bicycle (3)
The Aerolite pedals are even drilled out to lighten it further.
world's lightest road bicycle (4)
Quite literally everything is carbon fiber, including the handlebars, brakes, everything..
world's lightest road bicycle (6)
world's lightest road bicycle (7)
You could see the sexy 10-speed cassette and the rear dash hub that weighs in at just 84 grams.
world's lightest road bicycle (8)
The Dash hub for the front wheel, a scant 30 grams.
world's lightest road bicycle (9)
AX Lightness Orion calipers that grip the wheels that are also made of carbon.
world's lightest road bicycle (10)
A prototype Mythic crank and chainring, not available at your local dealer.
world's lightest road bicycle (11)
A modified Record front derailleur.
world's lightest road bicycle (12)
Sexy carbon fiber work.
world's lightest road bicycle (13)
The 10-speed cassette shifts with the help of a modified RAM RED rear derailleur.
world's lightest road bicycle (14)
Down-tube friction shifters weigh just 9 grams for the pair.
world's lightest road bicycle (5)
A gallon of milk is 40% heavier than this bicycle.

To give you an idea of how light this bicycle is relative to other bikes on the road. The bicycle you have probably weighs 20lbs pounds or more.  To be under the 20lb mark, you probably have spent some “serious” money as each pound you shave off below 20lbs becomes exponentially more expensive, to the point where people compare grams of components.  The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), which is the governing body for most of the pro races around the world, has a minimum weight limit of 6.8kg (about 15lbs). So when you see those $9,000 bicycles in the Tour De France, they are about three-times heavier than this bicycle. Of course there’s more to a bicycle’s performance than its weight though. A lot of the cost doesn’t go into making them lighter but in making them handle better, be stiffer for efficient power transfer, shift more smoothly, be reliable, have less rolling resistance and most of all to reduce aerodynamic drag. As you ride faster, aerodynamics are much more important than weight so unless your entire race is uphill, weight isn’t that important, but this is pretty amazing stuff anyway, considering it’s three times lighter than the bikes the pro’s ride with.

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  • wimote

    What is the chain made out of?

    • jhans22

      yeah that’s what I was thinking also 

  • Abc

    my guess:

  • Yvo Waldmeier

    Magnesium i think..

  • Yvo Waldmeier

    wouldnt a Belt drive and single speed hub make even a little more lighter ?!?

    • Antranik

      It absolutely would but then it wouldn’t be considered a road bike.  I suppose the idea was to keep it to something geared so it would still be a typical road bike.  For the record, as someone who owns a road, fixed and mountain bike, my fixed gear is absolutely the most fun thing ever. 😀  Unfortunately nobody understands that until they have one of their own :(

    • Anthony Vito

      Likely. The cassette and chain has to be huge percentage of the total weight. However, I wouldn’t underestimate just how difficult it would be to make custom belt sprockets. The current carbon fiber belt drive systems require specially coated aluminum sprockets to prevent the belt from wearing down the teeth. Those “standard” belt sprockets from Trek would probably be too heavy for this bike.

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  • Andrew Kent

    what size is the seat tube and top tube?

  • Cat5krusher

    Thats a clean looking bike.Not like the transformers we see now.

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  • Nick Salazar

    I’d appreciate it if you at least sent a link back to my website, where you lifted all of these pictures.

    • Antranik

      Done and Done.  Credit link is clearly placed above the second photo (after the initial text).  Thanks for the amazing work.

      • Nick Salazar

        Thanks very much for the quick response!

        • Pieter Steyn

          what max weight the bike can take? surely not the strongest design out there?

    • dcini

      Lifted? Fair use, DMCA Article V.

      • Nick Salazar

        I think you misunderstand Fair Use. Regardless, the site owner kindly added a credit, as requested.

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  • Dan

    Scott Addict R1 weighs 790 grams.

    • jiminy

      you do understand that 790g  is just the frame weight, right?

      • Dan

        haha yeah, I realised my mistake about 2 minutes after I posted 😛

  • T4juddin9 Noordin

    chris hoy bike is 9kg only 

  • Bernardo

    That bike weighs as much as my mondraker foxy frame without the shock.

  • Alex

    you guys are not very well informed. Günther’s last evolution step was less than 2,9 Kilos with deep rims. This bike is lighter, no doubt, but that’s just because of the lighter wheelset. In fact, this is just a checkbook built from a guy with too much money.

  • moumen

    where can i buy 1 ? any links ? thnx

  • nick

    take off the brakes and make it single speed

  • MKJB

    I can make 3g (total weight) eyeglasses.

    Durable and comfortable. No gadget.

    greetings from Poland

  • James R

    Yay to fetishising stuff!

  • Mario
  • Xincontriadulti

    Wow, this is amazing!

  • Yemi

    very nice looking bike, and agree that unless u are riding uphill endlessly and u weight very little (à là mountain goat) weight is not that much an issue, something else i found out when getting my bike was carbon qualities vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but by the looks and sounds of this bike the higher quality carbon weave 100% was used. But got to admire the effort put in the creation of this amazing rig.

  • Max Hodges

    James C. Martin, Ph.D., assistant professor in the department of exercise and sport science at the University of Utah provided some interesting calculations that make the cost of weight very clear.

    He posited a 5 kilometer, 7% grade. That’s a good, stiff climb. The legendary Stelvio climb averages 7.5%. He further assumed a rider who can kick out 250 watts. A 160 pound rider will take 19 minutes and 21 seconds to get up the hill. Every 5 pounds added make the trip up the hill take 30 seconds longer.

    That means each added pound adds 6 seconds to the time it takes to get up this hill. That is only 6 seconds on a stiff, 20 minute climb.” (0.005% advantage)

    The performance advantage of a lighter bike is greatest when the hill is steepest. What happens as things flatten out? Then, as the speed of the bike increases, the resistance comes from the wind, tire rolling resistance, bearing drag, etc. and the 0.005% advantages becomes much less significant.

  • Abe Gold

    Fairwheels is in TUCSON, AZ, there is no Tuscon.

  • btdubs


  • aaaa

    If you live this bike unattached on the street, it could be blown away by slightest breeze…