What is your happiness worth to you?

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
~ Abraham Lincoln ~

Here’s a special guest post by my brother Armand.

We’ve all experienced it; Streams of happiness where we feel on top of the world, life responding effortlessly to you in the best of ways, spontaneous events bringing forth the greatest of surprises, all of which occurring deeply in that perfect, continuous moment; Simply happiness, at its finest.

But as we have all experienced, these streams of joy are eventually brought to an end. For some, it can be something as petty as being stuck in traffic, for others, it can take a loved one telling you things just have to end between you two.

We are deeply aware of the feelings that arise out of these events, but how many of us are truly conscious of how quickly they break those streams of happiness? We don’t even realize it, nor do we try to change it. It’s such a normal thing to experience in our day-to-day society, especially since we see others respond this way nearly every day.

So what is your happiness worth to you? Is that random person who cut you off on the road and flicked you off really WORTH your happiness? How about that angry customer at work? Value your happiness. It is worthy of much, much more than we take it for.

Progressing in your spiritual path is as simple as making that choice to BE happy. There is nothing more effective to the path of enlightenment than dissipating the walls that break your happiness. Simply taking the vow of being happy will eventually bring forth many challenges. Staying true to your commitment during these times is exactly what brings spiritual growth.

Practice this enough, and the choice of being happy will be entirely dependent upon YOU and you only, not the events that happen to you. It is your choice to enjoy this moment, there is no benefit to being miserable, not only for yourself but all those who surround you.

So go ahead, BE happy. KNOW that you are worthy of your love and to experience life to the fullest. Cherish your well being, it is worthy of so much more than whatever might be thrown your way.

If you remain spontaneously joyful and present, yes you will find happiness, but continue down this path and you will find so much more. If you can let go of the external world you will taste the true essence of what underlies in this plane of existence. You will find what lies beyond YOU, and discover the true essence of your being. Happiness won’t even begin to describe your state of being.

So go ahead, be happy. :)