The Floreio Project

ido portal low bridge rotations
The one and only, Ido Portal.

This project is my attempt at organizing the amazing resources Ido Portal has created for us. When I first started trying to make sense of his videos and blog posts, I found that the information was in disarray. In my quest for understanding the content he has available so that I could practice it myself, this page is the result. I hope it helps you MOVE.

Note: If you’re interested in strength and skill training on the rings and floor, I have created this rings-oriented intermediate bodyweight training routine that combines my love for gymnastics strength training and yoga and things from this floreio project.

Last Updated: 10/29/2015. Click here to see the change log

Basic Info/Intro

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Skill: The Floreio Movements

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Skill: Equilibre (Hand-balancing)

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Skill: Locomotion Conditioning

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Strength Work

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Even More Info: Workout Routines, Demonstrations, Blog Posts, Facebook Posts, Podcasts

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'Depmoved' - a state of movement deprivation We are a Depmoved culture. We suffer. The only way out is education. Move the message around, move yourself around. Ido.

In closing, Ido Portal is an inspiration like no other, not only because his movement quality is impeccable and I could only dream of moving as good as him, but because he’s been inspiring thousands upon thousands of people to MOVE, get more MOBILE and STRONG in very practical ways. I try very much to do the same with bodyweight training and having started the 30-day toe-touching and 90-day splits challenges. I hope this page has inspired you to move in novel ways.

If you are looking for an intermediate, gymnastics-oriented strength training routine that is perfectly balanced between the horizontal and vertical pushing and pulling, then check out my bodyweight [strength] training routine!

  • Luke Jones

    This is such an awesome resource! Thanks for sharing Antranik, just what I’ve been looking for.

    I love the idea of moving the body in such a natural way, and exploring different movement patterns. We did it as children, then at some point we were told ‘no’, and didn’t question why. So we sit at our desks all day, and end up with dysfunctional bodies that can’t move when we want them to.

    But yeah, I’ll definitely be incorporating more of this type of stuff.

    Thanks again! You’ve got a great thing going on here!


    • Antranik

      You’re welcome and thanks! Please share it with your older friends and family as they need mobility work and fun movements most of all!

      • Luke Jones

        Definitely! Just this evening my Mum was talking with me about trying to exercise and move more. I’ll see if she’ll maybe give it a go!

  • Sol BreakGuruz Amarpreet

    Wow. Kudos to you for putting all this. Thanks

    • Antranik

      You’re welcome!

  • Chip Morton

    Thank you for compiling all this Antranik. This just came up on my FB page and I’m looking forward to diving in.

    • Antranik

      Hey Chip, you’re very welcome! Anything to help people increase their self awareness through movement is a beautiful thing! Please share it on your own facebook to spread the word!

  • Antranik

    Updates/Change Log:

    7/1/2014: Fixed formatting errors that got messed up somehow.

    6/30/2014: Stopped the html5 clips from autoplaying to reduce
    processor load.

    6/29/2104: Added forum posts from gymnasticbodies

  • Mishal

    Thanks for posting this Antranik! I hadn’t heard of this guy before and I want to start focusing my workouts around this for the next 6 months. Have you done a long term program with these exercises?

    • Antranik

      This is just week 3 for me. My flexibility and mobility have gone off the charts since. Strength is building even more, which is beautiful, as most of the exercises are simply on the floor.

      • Mishal

        Are you still doing yoga and your other bodyweight routine also? That’s a lot of different programs!

        • Antranik

          Yes. I’ve been doing yoga regularly for at least a couple years already (about 3x a week after strength training or on ‘rest’ days). I feel yoga is one of the best things that have come into my life.

          I still do strength training on the rings, although I don’t do as much after a floreio workout! Yes it is a lot, but… I listen to my body and back off anytime I feel pain, I eat sensibly and I try to get the proper sleep (I sneak in naps whenever I can).

          • Mishal

            Thanks for responding Antranik. I’m having trouble completing these workout sessions. I have a lot of trouble with Squat 1.0 and Squat 2.0 – it’s really hard for me to do the dynamic stretching while in a deep squat. Do you have any suggestions exercises to get more stable in a deep squat?

            I’m also not a very coordinated person in general but will be working towards getting the Florieo movements down.

          • Antranik

            Hi Mishal, I understand your trouble. Many people find it excruciating to maintain a deep squat. However, the squat clinics are both intended to make you more flexible in the deep ssquat, so it will become more comfortable. If it helps, try widening the stance of your feet to allow the butt to drop lower, if possible. Sporadically throughout the day, drop into a deep squat and try to maintain it for 5-10 breaths. If you have access to yoga, yoga helps a lot as well to improve overall flexibility. There are many videos online on youtube or at that you could follow. I bet in a couple weeks you will be a very different man!

            And as for the floreio, they are very difficult to replicate, but you’ll see that each time, you get a little bit better.

  • Volker

    Many thanks for this great work! The old blog posts and fb posts are a great treasure.

    PS: The link for “Claude´s stories” go to his old roda clips.

    • Antranik

      Hey Volker! Thanks for letting me know about the incorrect links, I just fixed them. Glad you are enjoying the stuff. I make my parents do the mobility work with me every other day now.

  • Adalberto Álvarez

    This is an amazing compilation, so very well organized. Thank you so much for sharing. Trying to make it all up it’s really hard and this sets it up perfectly!!

  • darius

    Do you know what his corset protocol is?

    • Antranik

      If you’re interested in strength and skill training on the rings, I have created this routine that combines my love for gymnastics strength training on the rings and yoga and things from the floreio project:

  • Liam Trott

    Ido looks so wonderful when he does these movements. It is amazing how clumsy I feel and how much more difficult they are to replicate than they look. Great fun though!

  • H

    Thank you for compiling all of this!

  • bingo

    WOW. and thank you. here is a recent interview to add:

  • damirios

    hey guys!!
    thank you for sharing this wonderful collection from ido. I was just wondering if anybody has done the online coaching by ido and could tell me how many hours a day you should train?

  • Eli Alicea

    Thank you for this resource. It is well appreciated

  • Jordy N

    thank you ! awesome info!

  • K L

    I’ve loved Ido for quite a few years. It’s wonderful to see all of his knowledge distilled in such a way. Thank you.

    • Antranik

      You’re welcome. I wish he loved it as much as his fans do! He doesn’t seem to like it when his information is very easily accessible. I hope my assumption is wrong, but it seems to be accurate.

      • bingo

        Thanks, I agree with your assessment here. He shares, but seems to disfavor those who organize it. Sorry he banned you from Movement on FB. Crazy.

  • Shravan

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate this. I’ve been trying to collate and absorb the info for a while!

  • Captain

    Great information! Think Ido likes it when people have to dig/work hats to get his info. Which I disagree with. :) anyway, how would you program/group the strength training workouts? Thanks once again

  • Martin

    That’s an incredible work! Thanks for that. I just found Ido and Floreio a few days ago and that’s a good source to start. Unfortunately a lot of the youtube links don’t work anymore. Can I get the videos somewhere else?

    • Antranik

      Which videos don’t work? There are so many!

      • Martin

        a lot of the videos in the floreio basic section. For example: au cortado, half au cortado, rotations into low bridge, rotations into hight bridge, QDR Rotational Push Ups Beginner

        • Antranik

          All of them play for me. Maybe they don’t play cause you’re on a mobile device cause there’s copyrighted music and the record label has put a limit on that.

          • Martin

            I tried them on my laptop, so maybe it’s my countrycode

      • Johannes Thies

        The Rotation Into Low Bridge for example. Nur i guess there are more:( can look through all links And tell you what’s not working anymore if you like!

        • Antranik

          It depends if you’re on mobile or if it’s restricted in your country. The songs Ido Portal used in the videos sometimes have licenses that have restrictions.

  • todd

    prehab section? anyone have links?

    • Antranik

      Do the mobility section with more resistance.

  • Scott Heaney

    This is amazing! Thank you for all your hard work putting it together.

  • Elias Boroda

    Hey. You are the man for putting this together, much appreciated. Please please keep up the work

  • CN

    Amazing work. Thank you.

  • Juan F. Cañas

    Antranik – thank u thank u thank u – this is gold!

  • Parafuso

    Just recently stumbled upon this nice compilation of Ido’s floreio work and decided to finally give it a try thanks to your great work, Antranik! One question regarding the programming though: when you tried these workouts, did you just use the ones Ido provided and you summed up at the end or did you come up with your own routines seeing as e.g. pulling exercises are only part of one or 2 workouts by Ido…

    • Antranik

      I use my own routine that takes elements from this and MANY other sources to complement my own gymnastics training and mobility work. I’ll be releasing it soon.

      • Parafuso

        Alright, I’m looking forward to it. Thank you!

      • Travis

        Has your routine been completed yet? Can you hook mit up with a link if so. :) thanks for this!

  • Euan Just saw this on Ido’s website, maybe you haven’t seen it, made me think of this great page :(

    • Antranik

      What’s your point?

  • JT Lash

    Thanks so much for putting all of this together. I am nearly 50 and have taken up karate and hapkido lately. I have done a lot of yoga and weight lifting, but this is very different to me, and it’s great to see it all put together here.

    • Antranik

      You’re welcome JT!

  • JT Lash

    Thanks so much for putting all of this together. I am nearly 50 and have taken up karate and hapkido lately. I have done a lot of yoga and weight lifting, but this is very different to me, and it’s great to see it all put together here.

    • Antranik

      You’re welcome JT!

      • JT Lash

        I’ve been playing with the most basic parts of this. My wrists and ankles (and the rest of me!) have a limited range of motion for sure. I am having trouble doing the arch using the wall because of back (and maybe shoulder?) flexibility. Can you recommend anything that might help me build towards that? I notice doing the bridge on the floor that my wrists are very limited. BTW, I am almost 49 and don’t have the recovery I once did.

  • Hanneke

    LOVE!! thanks1

  • Elie

    Thank you!

  • Gabriel

    I’ve been following your posts for a long time, Antranik. And your collection and organisation of the Floreio project is something that I’ve come back to again and again. Thank you for sharing this with the public.

  • Santiago Alejandro Pinzon

    Thank you so much for this compilation, it’a priceless. I’ve been working on The floreio movements, and I find that they are easy to learn but hard to do them right. Do you have any tips on how to make the movements fluid and nice? I need special help for The role, I do it but it looks rigid and ugly

    • Antranik

      Perfect practice makes perfect! Take a video of yourself doing it. Then review it. Then watch Ido doing it. Then watch you doing it. Compare and perfect and practice and repeat. As Ido said once, “Repetition is the mother of skill.”

  • gand-alf

    Do I have to do the mobility exercises before workouts , or is it enough to do them on the same day?

    • Antranik

      Preferably before the workout, to get your body ready. If you don’t have good squat mobility, it’s going to be frustrating doing things that require transitioning in and out of a squat, isn’t it now?

  • D

    Will you be updating the broken videos?

    • Antranik

      Which videos are broken?

      • D.

        Apologies, they seem to be working again now. You rock for putting this together

  • Anonymous

    great resource ! thanks.

  • Cody R.

    so, is this meant to be a full body workout, or would breaking it up similar to how you do yours?

    of course…there’s a lot to read in general from Ido, too much lol

  • Brett Alan

    Do you have any good sources that discuss breathing in depth?

  • kevin

    it won’t let me see the video??

  • Nik Kosmas

    Many of the videos are blocked in Germany, please make an image based version of these progressions! Thanks for the hard work

  • Olmedo Cortés Ivan

    Hi. Thank you very much for the effort!! It has been hard to find information about the Ido Portal movement on the web, because just as you said, he is doing a business of it.

    Despite the clearness of the article, I have a question:

    All that stuff must done on every workout? I mean, from the mobility part to the strength part? All that in a row, in a single workout?

    Thank you very much

    • Antranik

      This is not a balanced routine meant to be as a workout, it’s just a compilation of his work. You could modify it however way you wish.

  • Amit

    Thanks for much for this resource. It makes it so much easier to learn to move your body better. and thanks for keeping it updated regularly. Much respect Antranik!


    This is awesome! Good job on Compiling this into a logical order to folloow. MIND BLOWN!

  • Martin Jul Hammer

    Fantastic resource. Thank you so much for taking your time to put this in such beautiful order, making it easy and efficient to consume.