How I Got Rid of My Tennis Elbow


tennis elbow pain

When I first started to experience tennis elbow pain, I thought it was temporary.  Days and weeks passed by and it wasn’t getting better at all.  I tried to do so many things to make it feel better but it literally took months to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  There were many times where I felt utterly hopeless and depressed because I thought it was never, ever going to go away.  I thought it was a permanent condition.  Well, luckily for me (and you!), I figured out how to keep the pain at bay.  I learned that it doesn’t have to be permanent.  It’s more about pain management and understanding what makes it worse and what makes it better.

Note: These are all tools in your toolbox.  Not one thing is going to completely fix everything.  You have to try many things and have patience!

Rest.  Avoid moves that create pain.  Never work through the pain.

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Implement Specific Exercises for Rehabilitation

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Strengthen the Extensor Muscles

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Stretch your wrists, fingers and arms

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Cross Friction massage

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Roll all over a Lacrosse Ball

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MobilityWOD’s unorthodox (but extremely powerful) method

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Sleeping Position: Learn to sleep on your back

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Supplement with Protein if you aren’t getting enough and Vitamin C (but avoid separate Calcium/Vitamin D supplement)

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Tennis Elbow STRAP: For the laborer (or pro athlete) who cannot avoid pain-inducing movements because their job depends on it.

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Feeling Better? Want to go back to working out? Great! But rest one MORE week and when you start, keep the weight low and the reps high!

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Anyway, I hope these things help provide some insight.  I know there are even more exercises that can be used to help you, so please don’t give up hope.  And remember, these exercises aren’t going to do themselves.  You have to be proactive in your health.  Most importantly, remember that tendinitis is an overuse injury.  If you’ve learned anything from this post, it should be that you need to take a long break from the motions that aggravate the elbow for you and work on strengthening everything else.  Muscles may heal in a couple days but tendons and bones take a lot longer than that so just do everything in your power and have patience!  Once you start becoming pain-free, don’t stop the exercises!  The stronger you can make your arm through gradual and safe progress, the better!  And last but not least, don’t hesitate to go to a physical therapist.

  • Ptpetter

    Wow, best tennis elbow article i have read so far, and i have been reading for selverklært hours on the subject because om struggling with this right now. Thanks alot !

  • Matt

    Just stumbled across your blog through a friend’s recommendation. Best resource I’ve found: thanks for this! However, I’m struggling with golfer’s elbow. Some stuff applies, some doesn’t. Any chance of a golfer’s elbow write up, please?

    • Antranik

      Similar stuff except for the eccentric rehab exercises you could try REVERSE tyler twists (youtube it) with the theraband flexbar (instead of regular tyler twists for tennis elbow) and massage the inner elbow rather than outer. The twists are a mindless exercise. Do it while out for a (strange looking) walk or watching tv or something.

  • Eduardo

    Thanks for sharing this compilation buddy. I quit playing tennis since December and was under PT until last month. I also bought the flexbar but it gives me a light pain. I tried to hit some balls wearing a strap after all these months and felt good. But once I played with a stronger opponent the pain came back. It seems I will never be able to play tennis as before.
    Do you know any tennis player that went over this problem and can give some advice? At least the pain is now concentrated in the tendon and near the bone but before it was in the hand and forearm.


  • Alessandro

    Fantastic stuff! Judt wanted to add that for me it’s overhead barbell tricep curls that have the effect that zottman curls have for you. Can’t explain it but one set of cracking and popping and my pain was gone