How to Sit Perfectly in Five Seconds



Your glutes and abs have been on vacation and it’s time to wake them up. Their purpose extends beyond vanity. They’re crucial to maintaining your alignment.

Here’s the sequence:

  1. Stand up.
  2. Squeeze your butt cheeks together.
  3. Flex your abs. Just imagine a child is going to punch you in the stomach. :)
  4. While keeping the abs tight, slowly sit back down.
  5. Enjoy your perfect posture.

Note: You have to stand when you do this. The point of flexing the butt while standing is to bring the hip into a more neutral position. And the reason you flex your abs after is because the abs lock that position.  If you are seated, nothing changes. Go ahead, flex your glutes while seated, the hips won’t move. So that’s why you need to stand.


When you realize you’ve slumped back into your old position, stand up and go through the sequence again. You may have to do it many times to constantly correct your slouching but after a week or two, everything will become automatic.

And guess what… this sequence happens to translate perfectly for bracing your core during bodyweight exercises such as push ups! (It’s truly the “hollow body” position that you’re achieving which is the bread and butter position in gymnastics.)

So, you may be wondering… Why is slouching bad?

Slumping/slouching all the time is a bad habit because it weakens the lower back and stretches the ligaments in that area.  What happens is you will eventually be unable to sit up straight because your postural muscles are so weak.  So what do you do? You slouch even more, which weakens the back even more. It’s just a vicious cycle that you must stop immediately!

This is a huge problem in this day and age. Eventually, people do it so much their back may take the shape of the chair or lazy-boy all the time! This is something I had to become aware of and correct myself.  Now you can too with this easy sequence!

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  • Don alberto

    Thanks I’ll try to implement

  • patrick

    hello, how can you relax while flexing abs? it’s like I have a tension, no way I can stay like this while working on something that need all my attention

    • Antranik

      You only need to hold the tension firmly as you go down to sit. Afterwards when you’re sitting you only need to have some tension there. Being conscious of how your abs/glutes affect posture is the first step.

      In the beginning it may be hard but like anything else, it will become easier as you keep doing it and your endurance increases.

      Also, the stronger you make your abs, the more passive tension you will naturally have. Muscles are never truly relaxed in the sense that they are naturally firing slightly (about 15% of max effort) even when you’re not contracting them, so the stronger you make them, the higher the passive tension will be, making it easier and easier overtime to hold perfect posture with less effort.