How to Sit Perfectly in Five Seconds

  1. Stand up.
  2. Squeeze your butt cheeks together.
  3. Flex your abs. Just imagine a child is going to punch you in the stomach. :)
  4. While keeping the abs tight, slowly sit back down.
  5. Enjoy your perfect posture.

Flexing the butt when you’re seated doesn’t actually change anything.  If you stand and flex your butt, it moves the hips in the proper position.  That’s why you need to stand. And the reason you flex your abs after is because the abs lock that position.


When you realize you’ve slumped back into your old position, stand up and go through the sequence again (stand, flex butt, flex abs, sit). You may have to do this sequence countless times in a day to constantly correct your slouching but after a week, everything will become automatic.  Your glutes and abs have been on vacation and it’s time to wake them up. Their purpose extends beyond vanity. They’re crucial to maintaining your alignment.  And guess what… you’ve also learned how to stand perfectly, too.  So if you’re standing, just do the same sequence and relax your shoulders. Namaste.

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