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yoga video for posture with antranik youtube thumbnail

Yoga Video For Posture with Antranik

This is my first yoga video. I’ve been practicing yoga regularly since 2008, but more vigorously since 2011 and it is one of my favorite loves. This video took lots of preparation ahead of time in multiple ways: mentally, physically and logistically. For years, each time I left a yoga class I quickly jotted down one or […]

proper push ups by antranik

How To Do Push Ups Properly

In the video above, I tell you how to do push ups with proper form and how to build up to doing them on the floor. Frequently Asked Questions Why is it bad to flare the elbows out? If the elbows are out (i.e., abducted 90-degrees from your body) it puts unnecessary strain on the […]

horse stance

Horse Stance for Straddle Splits

Follow my video and you will develop both flexibility AND strength in your thighs and hips. As you are able to widen your stance, you automatically increase the active flexibility for your straddle splits!

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