Secret Code to Invite All Your Friends to an Event

This method works for Facebook  only and with Google Chrome or Firefox 5.0 (not anything above 5) and allows you to invite ALL your friends at once to any Facebook event, group or page.

Note: This method doesn’t work with Firefox 6.0 and above. It’s very easy to install Google Chrome because it’s a very fast installation process.

Here’s how to invite all your friends on Facebook to an event or business page

1. Copy the fol­low­ing code by selecting it then pressing CTRL-C

javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName("input");for(var i=0;i<x.length;i++) {if (x[i].type == 'checkbox') {x[i].click();}}; alert('Done: please scroll and repeat until all your friends have been selected');

2. Go to the this event page for you to try this on.

3. Click on Join and then click Invite Friends

4. Scroll all the way down to the end of your friends list.  This may take a long time if you have a lot of friends.

5. Clear your address bar and paste the above code by pressing CTRL-V.  (What is the address bar? Some people aren’t sure which one is the address bar.  The address bar is where it contains the address of the web-site.  For example, the address bar for this web-site contains the following text:

6. Important: After you paste the code, go to the front of it and type in “javascript:” (without the quotes) so it will look like this “javascript:var x=document.get……”  Then press Enter.

Be patient and all your friends will even­tu­ally get check marked! That should do it!

I hope that helps!  If you have any com­ments or ques­tions or if the code isn’t work­ing… let me know and I will try to update it!

Another way of selecting all users at once for Chrome users:

You may install this Chrome extension called Facebook Inviter which takes just seconds to install.  After you install it, go to your facebook fan page (or event), find the link on the right side that says “Invite Friends” and the window that pops up will now have an added option, “Toggle All.”

Click Toggle All and send all the suggestions in one go!

That’s all there is to it!

Thank you and I hope that was helpful!

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    Very Nice..It Helped

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    • Mossy

      First off, you don’t have 3000 friends. Second, stop being an asshole spammer. WTF do you think is so fucking important that 3000 people need to be notified? You’re not that important you narcissistic fuck. Stop it!

      • Bumbledj

        wots wrong with you  i have nearly 4000 friends and i know them all through djing and radio festivals ive been doing this for years you foul mouthed prick perhaps you need to get of your ass and get a life

  • Dallascyr

    Do I include the “alert(‘Done: please scroll and repeat until all your friends have been selected’);” in the code when I cut and paste? Also when you say address bar, you mean the search engine address bar where the URL is correct?Thanks!

    • Antranik

      Yes, copy that entire paragraph of code and insert it where the address of the website normally goes (not the search engine).

      For example, the address-bar is where it says the following text for this page: “”

  • Jethcao

    So i tried this out it checked all of my friends and then i clicked send but in the invites no one is in there

  • sly_dog83

    Just wondering if there is a way to get around the message that says “you must narrow down your search to only those that would be interested” or if this is an unbreakable road block Facebook has introduced?  Thanks a bunch!!


    • Antranik

      I just went over the complete process and updated the page.  The code still works and I tried it both for events and pages and both times did not get a “narrow” warning like you did.  Facebook has many versions of itself so I’m not surprised though.  Hopefully you could try it again and it will work.  Maybe you could try the “Facebook Inviter” extension and see if that works (the link to it is near the end of this article).

  • Vanessa

    sorry just tried this now its not working :-(

  • Thunder09

    i have 2 account and i have  5000 Freinds in it  

  • Perla

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was EXTREMELY helpful!

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  • alex

    i keep trying to do this but it just seach the code can any one tell me how to turn that off so it wont seach what i put in the address bar

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  • Teejay Ryan

    Hey thank you so much! Especially the chrome one really helped me

  • Harry123

    Thanks! Just a note, it does not work with Google Chrome because Chrome makes it a Google search when you hit enter.

  • Marieke

    finally a code that works!! you made my day…not only my day, you made my life much easier!! THX

    • Antranik

      You’re welcome!  I’m here to help.

  • Saraunderwood2

    This isn’t working for me. I tried it in internet explorer, firefox, and in google chrome.  I even added the   javascript:  before the google chrome one.. and it still didn’t work.  Please advise…? Is there a new code now?

    • Saraunderwood2

      Whenever I press enter (on google chrome), the code disappears and it just goes back to the original URL… 

  • db

    It gave me a problem inviting 5000 friends.. asked for security word then says you don’t have sufficient permissions to do that. 

  • Stav382

    Thank you soooooooooooo much!!

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    your program doesn’t work anymore…

  • Proud Jake

    the extension isn’t working tight :( the toggle all button never appears 

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    I could not get it to work on Firefox – but it worked like a charm in Safari.  Thanks!

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    ty :)

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    Its not working for me i’m using Google chrome……#sigh

  • Thapps

    Thank you for a code that finally works thank yoou are a life saver

  • Garry Lachman
  • Garry Lachman

    Facebook Invite Them All for Chrome & Opera – Check it out:

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  • Gabriel Falken

    It doesn’t seem to be working. The code isn’t showing any results and I am getting a plug in error with the plug ins.

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    سلام.صبح بخیردلبندم!




    AND IT REALLY DOES …..:))))))))))


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  • Tony Vee

    Help Please – I must be stupid, I cannot make it work – once I paste into the address bar and do the javascript thing it just goes into a Google search and if I go back to FB all my contact vanish – any ideas – a short video to copy could be a real help… Thanks Tony Vee

  • Morgan

    This code is complete and utter bullshit. Literally didn’t do anything.

  • muhammad

    it is not working in google chome say please select friends

  • RheaSunshine

    This worked great! Thanks

  • Guest123

    I tried the first method and it worked , but since that , when I try to invite anyone to another event , all my friends are shown as “disabled” and I cannot select any of them.

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    el chrome me ayudó than you :::!!!

  • Peter Deane

    It worked – couldn’t figure out how to turn OFF the “Search from Address Bar” in Chrome, so I loaded up Internet Explorer, turned it off, and BINGO it worked!!!

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    thanks! <3

  • Tchiya Amet

    hey! be sure to join the event/like the page first! Took me 3 hours to figure that one out!!! LOL!!!

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    You can also Read below Link Article

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    type ctrl+shift+j then paste the code and wait too

  • Scott

    Chrome now treats this as a Search.

  • yguttu

    Thanks, Antranik!

  • ndaw
  • simon

    Ok, when I opened console, I found this written: Stop!

    This is a browser feature intended for developers. If someone told you to copy-paste something here to enable a Facebook feature or “hack” someone’s account, it is a scam and will give them access to your Facebook account.

    For more information, see

    So, whats the story?? Are you trying to hack people’s accounts??

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    worked like cham. great. nice javascript. tried in firefox.

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    Invite All Friend On Facebook Page

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    How do I undo this? Is there a code for that?

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