10 Awesome Science Experiments your Teachers Forgot to Show You!

If you are a science teacher who wants to find cool things to show the students, these are some great ideas.  If you crave more inspiration, there’s a website called Science Toys that’s a great resource for demonstrating scientific principles using everyday household products.

1. Lenz’s Law in action. Watch what happens when you drop a magnet down an aluminum tube. It’s oddly relaxing to watch. Then, if you liked that, it’s even slightly slower through a copper tube.

2. This mesmerizing trick only requires milk, food coloring, and dish soap.

3. Supersaturation. This was one of the few things I found intriguing in my very boring, general chemistry class.

4. Rubin’s Tube. A real life fire visualizer that reacts to music.

5. Centrifugal force. As long as it’s in a fast enough circular motion, the water and the cup don’t fall down on the experimenter’s head.  Maybe someone who spins poi should experiment with these. Then maybe one can mix water-poi with fire-poi…

6. Cymatics: Visual Vibrations. This just requires a speaker, an amplifier, a signal generator (computer) and some sand.

7. Homopolar motor demonstrates the Lorentz force.

8. Crush cans using the power of air pressure. Vigorously boil a small amount of water in a can and upturn it in a bucket of cold water.

9. Non-Newtonian fluid.  Simply mix cornstarch and water.  The key is to add just enough water so that the cornstarch and water mix will flow very, very slowly.  It will feel very trippy when you try to touch it or play with it.

10. Create a cloud in a bottle.  All you need is a bicycle pump, water, rubbing alcohol and a bottle. I love this one because it ties in with meteorology and requires a bicycling pump.


Was that cool or what?!  Which one of these were your favorite? Do you remember any science demonstrations that really made an impression on you when you were in class? Please share your thoughts!