Using my blog for my own personal development and success in school

This week I started attending Biology, Anatomy and Chemistry classes at SMC so that down the line I could become an RN.  Since I have homework I’m going to have considerably less time to work on my blog but I think I have found some solutions.

I am happy to report that I am enthralled with my Anatomy professor because not only is she an amazing teacher but she seems like a sincerely happy, down to earth person.   She made it very clear that the class requires a heavy amount of memorization given the nature of having to intricately learn all the parts of the body and spent a lot of time giving tips on how to do that.

She said the most important way to ensure that you don’t forget a persons name is to say their name when you say goodbye.  So you would try to say, “Goodbye, Antranik” and not just “Goodbye.”

This concept works just as well for class lectures.  Reviewing your notes as soon as possible, within 24 hours, dramatically increases your chances of retaining and understanding what you just heard. 

To learn more about this, read about the Curve of Forgetting.

So then I thought I should make blog posts of everything that I have learned.  My brother follows a good practice of staying at the school library until he finishes all his homework before going home so that he stays focused.  So that’s where I am right now: At the SMC Library.  I’m about to type up the notes I have gathered from my classes into blog posts, similar to what I did with my biology class, but doing it during the semester rather than after.

Typing up blog posts of every lecture will not only help me to remember everything better but also to attract traffic from other students who are trying to learn the same ideas online.

Unfortunately the posts are probably not going to be super exciting for the most part as there will be a lot of gritty details that we don’t always care about, but that’s how it goes.  At least there’s several categories you can choose from now on this website. 😉

Check out the “Science” category at the very top of this page to see if there’s anything of interesting to you there.