When you feel like you need to eat something, but you can’t figure out what it is, it’s water. It’s always water.

Summer is coming.  You know what that means?  All those sweaters and pants you’ve been wearing have effectively been hiding your winter fluff.  (Yeah, let’s call it fluff cause fluff sounds better than FAT.)  So once you start wearing lighter clothes, you’re going to naturally want to go back to your summer-weight.

Whether you start a diet, a new exercise, counting calories or whatever else, just keep in mind that your body constantly confuses thirst for hunger.  So have a giant bottle of water next to you, within arms reach and in your line of sight.  Anytime you feel like munching on something, drink some water.  People lose lots of weight by vigorously adhering to this simple approach.  It prevents us from overeating and helps sort out when we actually feel hunger. Pretty simple, ey?

  • tig ran

    Diggin this, and most of the health related articles here. Thank you

    • http://www.antranik.org/ Antranik

      No, thank YOU for reading and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it.