Updates at Antranik.org

Hey guys, well, this website has been a lot of fun for me to create and maintain since I started in March 2011.  I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from you guys, and I really appreciate all the support!  Starting this site has definitely pushed my comfort zone out there in new ways and your kind words mean a lot to keep me going.  The site is receiving about 100 unique visitors a day and that is really fantastic news for me.  It’s time to celebrate by kicking things up a notch and adding a couple new areas to the site.

The very top of the website now has a new top-menu that has specialized projects rather than categories of a typical blog.

The Custom Anto Forecast

This is the first thing you see on the top menu now.  I tend to update it about 2-3 times a week and I’ll try to include a video-weather-forecast at least once a month or whenever something awesome is about to happen to the SoCal weather, which doesn’t happen much.

New endeavor: The Rooftop Project

This is for anybody who likes to drive up mountains (or get on rooftops) to catch nice views of the landscape, horizon, the sunset, sunrise, clouds, etc.

If you’re a photographer and like taking landscape shots, you’re in for a treat.  Seeing things from a birds eye view can be very relaxing and provide some fresh moments of serenity, even if there is a bustling city underneath you.

There are several beautiful mountain ranges in Southern California that offer amazing views but sometimes we don’t have the time to get to them.  The next best thing would be to find a tall building nearby and see if you could get to the roof of it.

The Rooftop Project will be a list and map of these cool hidden view points of Los Angeles and beyond.  I’ll explain how to get to each and try to include a photo of how the view looks from there.

In the next couple weeks I’ll be implementing a system where anybody could add their own view points as well.  You know your area best, so it would be awesome to get some contribution.  It will be a couple weeks until I can implement a way for users to submit their own viewpoints and embedding it with the rest of the site seamlessly.

New Category: Science!  (Biology Notes)

The third link in the top-menu has a new Science menu with Biology as a sub-category.  I recently took a Biology class.  I learned a lot of interesting info about how life works and want to share the fascinating things I learned and hopefully you will find them fascinating as well.  I will add articles over the weeks to that area as well.  As I take more classes in the future, I will add new sub-categories (such as microbiology, anatomy, physiology, health, etc!).

All in all, I am very excited to be expanding my site like this and hope it provides more value for my visitors.