The Magic of Ortlieb Back Rollers [Video]

This time, we take you back to the classics.  The classics?  What do you mean?

Well, I mean the Ortlieb Back Roller Classics that are swung over my shoulder.

I should’ve bought these 5 years ago when I first started commuting by bicycle.  They are what officially made bicycling practical enough to easily carry LOTS of things without a problem.  When I was researching my options, people kept recommending “Ortliebs” on all the forums.  Some people even said how their Ortliebs have lasted them decades.  Now that I own a pair, I totally understand why they have such a good reputation.

So.. see for yourself!  Here’s a video of me demonstrating their awesomeness.

Where to get these from?

You could buy these bags from Amazon or REI (a good idea if you’re already an REI member).  With a FIVE year warranty, they’re worth every penny. Oh, and I forgot to say, they’re completely waterproof.

And if you need a bicycle rack, I recommend this Axiom Journey because it is rated to carry up to 154lb (!) which is unbelievably good for a rear rack that is just $33.  I’ve had mine for a solid two years and I’ve even had my friend (male, 160lb) sitting on top of it for several miles as I was riding. (We had to.)

  • Hunter Lind

    Very nice video! I think a lot of people did not know about these and they should.