Special scenario for taking the lane: riding around a blind curve next to parked cars [Video]

The following video is an addendum to learning how to ride your bicycle safely on the streets. In that article, I write about the importance of taking the lane and why it is sometimes necessary to do so.

Riding in the middle of the lane makes it extremely clear to drivers FROM FAR AWAY that there is a cyclist in the lane and that there is not enough space to share the lane.  This may sound scary, but it actually provides greater peace of mind than the very hazardous door zone for which you have no control over.  So if you don’t take the lane and a door pops open, you’ll swerve left and if a car happens to be inches next to you (a highly possible scenario), then you will be trampled.  And if you don’t swerve left, then you go straight into the door.  Not cool at all.

Sometimes when you’re commuting by bicycle, you have to be ballsy like this.  And drivers won’t understand.  They’ll probably even honk at you.  Try to forgive them of their ignorance for they just have no clue on the kinds of hazards you’re dealing with.