Increase your Balance and Active Flexibility with this ‘Four Corner Balance Drill’

I recently discovered this “4 corner balance drill” (4CBD) that works both balance and active flexibility.  If you’re into yoga, you’ll notice some of the moves are straight up yoga moves such as warrior 3 and natarajasana.  It’s such a wonderful thing to do after you’re a little warmed up.  There’s a video demonstration and also the written directions below.

Follow this video I found on YouTube that you could follow along with.  It takes barely 5 minutes of your time!

Text Directions:

  • Lift a leg in front of you as high as you can – push hard, and feel your quads tense. Hold for 10-30s.
  • Rotate the leg to the side in a large sweeping motion. Let the toe point forward and lift hard. Hold for 10-30s.
  • Lean forward and rotate the leg behind you. Keep the knee locked and point the toe. Push up hard. Hold for 10-30s.
  • Bend the knee and bring the leg through as you stand up, letting the ankle rest on the opposite thigh. Crouch down a bit and hold for 10-30s.
  • Try not to use your hands for balance at all.
  • Repeat 3-5 times per side.