If you don’t have dropbox yet, what are you waiting for?


I use dropbox all the time nowadays.  If you’re not sure what it is, it’s a free program/service you install on your computer that creates a “dropbox” folder that looks like just any other folder.  The difference is that anything you put in this folder is automatically uploaded to your dropbox account and saved on their servers as a backup.  Now, if you install dropbox on your other computer, it will automatically sync up.  So you don’t have to get frustrated that certain files are on one computer but not on the other.  And if you are on a public computer, you could simply log into dropbox.com and see your folders.  If you’re on the run, you could open the app on your smartphone and that works just as well.

Why worry about putting files on a thumb drive or try to remember to e-mail files to yourself when you can just put it in the dropbox folder and have it be on your other home/work computer by the time you get there?

It allows me to take my work with me anywhere I go.  I have my school work (syllabi, powerpoint presentations, notes, etc) organized by class and folders.  I could even access these things on a public computer by simply logging into dropbox.com or opening the app on my phone.  You could imagine how powerful this is as a backup source for your photos, music and whatever else.