How to Parallel Park Like a Pro

It doesn’t have to be this way.

For the longest time I used to favor a parking spot that didn’t require parallel parking, but recently I just started following these steps and now I have zero hesitation doing it!  Highly recommended!


1) Put on your turn signal so everyone behind you know what’s you’re doing.

2) Pull up next to the car in front of the space. Exactly beside them. Your back bumpers should be pretty much lined up and you should be about two feet away from the car.

3) Cut the wheel all the way to the right and back up watching your right side view mirror.

4) Stop backing up as soon as you can no longer see the car parked in the space behind you in your right mirror.

5) Straighten the wheel out and back straight back until the front of your car can clear the back bumper of the front car.

6) Cut the wheel all the way to the left and continue backing into the space.

7) Once you’re in the spot straighten your wheel out and make sure you leave equal room in front of and behind your car.

After you do this once it’s pretty easy to do it in one smooth continuous motion.  Try it in a spot with plenty of space so you can test this out comfortably.

Et Voila! That’s you in the picture! You’re now awesome at parallel parking.