How to Load the Actual Full Facebook Site on your Phone

Facebook automatically redirects all mobile web browsers to go to their mobile version.  Sometimes I really need to access the actual FULL FACEBOOK SITE because I can’t do everything using the web app or my iPhones native app.

To access the full facebook site:

You just need to load into your browser.

I recommend you bookmark the link so that you can access it easily (or just remember to add home.php after

Another way to access the full facebook site:

Go to and allow the mobile web app to load.  Tap on “More” and then tap on “Desktop Site.”

Once the full site has loaded, avoid tapping on the Facebook logo on the top-left corner and also avoid tapping on YOUR profile name because if you do it will detect that you’re on a mobile browser and direct you to the web app (

On my iPhone 4 the full site works very fast, just like a normal computer. This should work as well for an Android, Blackberry, Nokia or Palm Pre phone as well.

Hope that was helpful!

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    • Antranik

      You’re welcome!  Just remember, is the key.

      • Chico Michelle

        This won’t let me change my basic information why?

        • Antranik

           Which basic information are you talking about?

        • Cassy2you

          Mine don’t let me either,i go 2 desktop site but when I click on privacy settings it takes me right back 2 mobile site… ugh

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  • Sharonharvey2

    Hi so what do you do if you want it bookmarked on your iPhone screen? How do you make it go to the full screen rather than the mobile site as you mention it does as it does on mine? I’ve bookmarked it as the full site so why doesn’t it open that way?

    • Antranik

      Sharon to add the bookmark on your iphone screen, simply go to and then hit the bookmark button (the bottom-middle icon in safari) and then choose “Add to Home Screen”

      Hope that helps!

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      You’re welcome my friend.  Thanks for visiting!  Be sure to check out my site periodically for random-cool things. 😀

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    Got to fb, but was unable to comment on posts. Help

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    Thanks!!! It was driving nuts, it was constantly taking me to the mobile version which is so limited.

  • Nicole Crocker

    Thanks so much!!! I’m glad some 1 took their time out to find this out. c with my mobile site, when I click on the menu square box on screen, scroll down, mine doesn’t always have the ‘desktop’ option. It’ll have help support and account. Not sure y.

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    Why is it that even when I’m on desktop site when I click on some things ( privacy settings) it kicks me right back 2 very unhelpful mobile site… is there any way that I can avoid this???? Other than literally having 2 get on computer

    • Antranik

      I wish I knew.  There are certain links that cause facebook to detect that you’re on a mobile-phone-browser and it automatically switches it.  There’s nothing we could do other than avoid those things until we get on a non-cell-phone as far as I know.

  • Lee tiddles wilson

    This does not work on my iPhone 4

    • Antranik

      I use an iPhone 4 as well too. Try logging into facebook on Safari. Whether it is through the mobile interface or not doesn’t matter. Then type in

      Works for me everytime.

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    Link does not work. I Used the link yet Facebook dectects that I’m using my iPhone and redirects me to the mobile site. :(

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  • Stinky Bill

    Why cant I copy YouTube to Facebook? Only to Shitter!?

    • Antranik

      No way to do it directly until the Apple iOS has full integration but there’s a way!

      After I watch the video, I find the share button, choose email.

      That will take me to the mail program and open up an email with the link in the email. Select the link text, copy, tap the homeButton, go to facebook, paste the link onto a wall post.

      Sounds long but its like <30 seconds?

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    The best way to get FBI full site is to go to App Store & write: desktop facebook, u’ll get the best site & good luck

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    some times ago i will log on my account by 1st email adress,pass word, then facebook send a code my mobile then i put this code and ente my prpfile but in this moment any way i didnt open my account . now what can i do ? Please help me! give appropriate instruction Please

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    I tried that full site (had it for some time) and though it gives me the full page when I go to messages, its a blank page and more importantly, I only see a short scroll of newsfeed….I hit more stories and will not do it. I took it out of bookmarks and started over and still have the same issues….it used to work! I have a droid three. Can you help?

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    I can’t get on Facebook I forgot my password I have tried everything they said for me to do and still can’t get on. They said they were sending me a six digit. Code it’s been a week almost and I still don’t have it. My phone number also need to be reset its off by one number. Please help .

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    am tryin to log in an it keeps askin me for a code but the number the code goes to i no longer have how do i log in plz help

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    have 2 face book pages do not know how that happened are you able to put them all on my main page which has my photo of me and my grandson. My name is Stella Felton, also not able to get into both pages as my password I use is not valid according to facebook. Please help

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