Download Any Track from Soundcloud and Any Video from YouTube

To download tracks from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and

Go to, paste the URL of the desired soundcloud track and click the Off-Power button.

When the download button appears.  Right click on it, choose “Save as..” and the download will begin. :)

That’s all there is to it!  The mp3 file is limited to 128 kbps which is absolutely fine for casual listening but if you want the best quality you may buy the track, make more Soundcloud downloads for that artist and support the artist.

To download YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, MetaCafe videos:

Again, go to

If you try to use to download a video, you have the option of only downloading the audio track or the video file if you click “I want video.”


If nothing is working or you’re getting an error message, restart your browser or computer if it has been a long time, check if you have the latest Java software and update the software if you need to.

Hope that helps!

  • Sean

    Also check out

    Just type in the name of a track and this site will scour the internet, find it, and start playing it.  It will also offer you a link to download the mp3, converting YouTube video to audio.

    • Antranik Kizirian

      that is amazing! thank you for that awesome resource!

    • Djshaheem

      doesnt work ..

      • Sean

        Yes, it works fine.  May have been down when you tried it though. 

  • tom

    Offliberty is better for YouTube and Vimeo

    • Antranik

      If you try to use to down­load a video, it will save the audio and video tracks in sep­a­rate files. If that’s what you want then sure, Offliberty is “better.”

      • tom

        audio to mp3 file and video with audio to mp4, flv, webm file.

        • Antranik

          Sure, or just download both audio and video as ONE movie file using TubeGrip.  Your choice my friend.

          • tom

            You don’t understand. Offliberty is better, coz gives to options – both audio and video as ONE movie file or just audio as MP3 file. That’s why it’s so cool.

  • Voz

    128 kbps is trash–the site is useless.

    • Antranik

      First World Problem.

    • Venannai

      Then buy the music! I see this as downloading for sampling purposes until I can actually buy the tracks that I want

  • Assaf

    Works like a charm! I posted it on thank you! q[-_^]p

  • Jeffbudnny

    just try

    Feels the best

  • 丹 罗

    it works great!
    And anther streaming download manager is great to download soundcloud music. Here is the steps about how to download soundcloud with Hidownload:
    Besides the soundcloud, it can download streaming music and videos from many other websites.

  • Gwen_postani

    i always use to download tracks, works great!

    • Pridawggg

      it says click right save as on the buttion to download but it doesnt do that

  • Teehee :)

    Is there a site where I can download music from soundcloud and actually save the music?

    • Antranik

      Yes, did you read the blog post? lol

  • Danylee091

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  • Jim Zealand

    Get a freeware of downloading soundcloud audio

  • Jim Zealand, a freeware of downloading soundcloud audio and music

  • e12sh8u

    i need 320kbps

    • Antranik

      Then buy the track, dumbass.

  • best site!

  • ben is useless

    • Antranik

      Why is it useless?

  • Jen

    Worked a charm thank you!

  • rrui

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! 😀 works amazing!

  • JM_558

    Thanks a lot, but I got an even better solution, that comes in the form of “Torch browser”!
    Ta-Da! Are you familiar with it? 😀

  • kenneth


  • AnnoyingMango

    Best Site , helped me lots Tyvm

  • neo

    if downloaded from souncloud use this way more easily, simply copies the mp3 url you want the download, eg

    add /

    so the url into

    then the file will be downloaded instantly, easy is not it, download from mobile phone use could also operamini SoundCloud premium link downloader

  • akeeah

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  • Alfred

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  • Mike

    Now I like to search new mixes from Mixcloud and download them by Mixcloud Downloader

  • peter

    Another interesting addition would be”soundyum soundcloud downloader”, which even has a desktop app.

  • Christy

    I’m not able to use these options, I recently purchased a Chrome Notebook…is that the reason I am not able to download from Sound Cloud?

  • freddy
  • Usama Ejaz

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  • Usama Ejaz

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  • 10-10-20

    This will NOT work for Soundcloud if the mp3 is protected. It will only do unprotected mp3s. The alternative is which will work regardless of whether the mp3 is protected or not.

    Offliberty is useful, but there are many other websites and browser add-ons that have identical functionality.

  • manyanimals

    You may follow this simple guide to download and convert SoundCloud songs to MP3, WAV, FLAC, at

  • beaminghappy

    I use Allavsoft to download video and audio music from SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and etc


    Lot’s of site don’t work anymore. This one does though :)
    really easy and they have high quality