Download Any Track from Soundcloud and Any Video from YouTube

To download tracks from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and

Go to, paste the URL of the desired soundcloud track and click the Off-Power button.

When the download button appears.  Right click on it, choose “Save as..” and the download will begin. :)

That’s all there is to it!  The mp3 file is limited to 128 kbps which is absolutely fine for casual listening but if you want the best quality you may buy the track, make more Soundcloud downloads for that artist and support the artist.

To download YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, MetaCafe videos:

Again, go to

If you try to use to download a video, you have the option of only downloading the audio track or the video file if you click “I want video.”


If nothing is working or you’re getting an error message, restart your browser or computer if it has been a long time, check if you have the latest Java software and update the software if you need to.

Hope that helps!