How to avoid wrist pain in yoga and bodyweight exercises

Warming Up Is CRUCIAL!

This is true not only for push ups but most especially if you’re doing any hand balancing like crow pose and handstands!

Below is another quality video by Ryan of GMB for prepping/warming up your wrists

After you watch the video a couple times, you can just write down this “cheat sheet” below and always have it by your side for reference until you memorize it!

  1. Finger Pulses
  2. Palm Pulses
  3. Side to Side Palm Rotations
  4. Front Facing Elbow Rotations
  5. Side to Side Wrist stretch (lean/push away)
  6. Rear Facing Wrist stretch – palms down
  7. Rear Facing Wrist stretch – palms up
  8. Rear Facing Elbow Rotations (star trek vulcan salute)
  9. Forward Facing, Lean Forward as much as possible

Avoid putting all your weight in the heel of your hand!

This infographic by Candace helps you understand how to properly distribute the weight on your hands.

how to avoid wrist pain in yoga

Most importantly make sure you’re not collapsing your weight into the heel of your hand.

Here’s a drill to help you understand how wrist pressure is alleviated by not collapsing your weight into the heel of your hand: Go into downward dog, and try to exaggerate that cue by simply lifting the heel of your hand off the floor so that all the weight is supported by the knuckles and boom, zero wrist pain. I’m not saying you have to lift the entire heel of the wrist off everytime, but I’m just sharing this exercise to help you understand your wrists better.

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  • Ishaan

    I’m a beginner. When you take the weight off the hand-heel, is it supposed to engage the “grip” muscles connecting the palm-to the thumb-knuckle? (The one which moves the thumb metacarpal so that it’s opposable?)

    I’m getting a sharp pain up my wrist when I try to shift the weight forward and it’s the kind of pain one typically gets when bearing too much weight somewhere – not sure if I’m doing it wrong somehow or I just need to work on wrist and grip strength? (And if the latter, is it that my thumb-knuckle or my wrist that needs strengthening?)

    (I think my wrist is normal and healthy, though it tends to hurt if I use the computer too much)