Advertise on is a personal blog that I started in April 2011 and it’s evolved to a multi-category website with over 600 articles that range from FUN to SCIENCE.  It has consistently grown every month in readership, fans and traffic.  I am now accepting image and text ads that are tasteful and flow with the feel of my website.  It’s not necessary to be perfectly in line with the topics on my site but if your ad pertains to any of the following topics it would work very well:

  • Health (Fitness, meditation, yoga, etc)
  • Sciences (Biology, anatomy, physiology, nursing, medicine)
  • Education
  • Cycling
  • Photography
  • Technology-Related (iPhone/Android apps, Facebook, etc)

On any given month receives the following traffic (and it’s all thanks to you, my beautiful readers).  I’m proud to say that a large chunk of the visitors are nursing/premed students googling topics related to anatomy, physiology and pharmacology and discovering my articles.  So the demographics are such that many of visitors are educated and dare I say, compassionate.

Visits: 315,000+ (10-13k visits/day)

Unique Visitors: 220,000+

Pageviews: 405,000+

Pages/visit (average page depth): 1.28

Average Visit Duration: 5mins and 31 secs

Bounce Rate: 51.5%

% New Visits: 64% (36% returning) also has a growing following of feed subscribers (600+) and Facebook fans (1,700+)

Monthly Location Demographics

Advertising Avenues

I offer many ways for you to build your brand and bridge my visitors to yours.

Image Ads

Image ads appear on every page on the right side.

  • 125 x 125 pixels (4 slots available, right sidebar)
  • 250 x 250 pixels (2 slots available, right sidebar).

Below is a representation of where the four 125×125 and two 250×250 ads can be placed. (Note, they will take precedence over what is there currently.)


Context Links within Posts (Past or New)

I don’t offer standalone text link ads, but I do offer contextual link ads.  I will place a context link within one of my posts on my site for the amount of $50 per link per year.  Example of a context link:  I will link words of your choosing such as “bicycling” from a cycling related post of your choosing to a page on your site which is cycling related.

Exclusive Post Advertising (e.g. Reviews of Products or Apps)

This advertising option is at my discretion only.  This option combines a review of your product/app/site and a direct link to your site.  Sponsored reviews receive at least 24 hours as the top front page post (i.e. a ‘stickied’ featured post).  This gives your review maximum exposure to our readers.


  • Large Sidebar Ad Top: 250px x 250px banner for one month: $150 (est. imp. 400,000)
  • Large Sidebar Ad Bottom: 250px x 250px banner for one month: $100 (est. imp. 400,000)
  • Small Sidebar Ad: 125px x 125px banner for one month: $75 (est. imp. 400,000)
  • Context Links within Posts: $50 per link per year.
  • Exclusive Post Advertising: Contact me with your offer.


Advertising fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.  Payments accepted by PayPal or Check only.  I reserve the right to reject or remove any ads with or without cause.  You will be reimbursed a pro-rated fee in the rare event that your ad is removed without cause.

  1. No advertising involving scams or adult material.
  2. All image ads must not contain objectionable material.  Image ads may be animated but must not require Flash.
  3. Image ads must not exceed 30kb.

Got Questions?

I’d love to answer any questions you might have about launching your ad campaign on  Please use the contact form to send me a message.  Thank you in advance for your inquiry.